Unhappy with your purchase?

Drop off your parcel returns at any of our stores.

Here's how it works.

Choose a Location

Select the brand of your online purchase and choose a PostCo location that's convenient for you!


Confirm Details

Enter your details such as your order number, name, email, and contact number and hit confirm to generate your return form. These details will also be used for your automated notifications!

Print* and Attach your Label

Print your PostCo return label and drop it off at your booked location!

*If you booked a PostCo Plus location, you can skip this step!


What's next?

Drop Off your Parcel!

Once you drop off your parcel, you'll receive automatic notifications by us on the status of your parcels.


Average  4.8 out of 5

"No Hassle"

My experience was great. It was very convenient following the instructions given. No hassle at all. Saved alot of time.

Howard H.

"Very Convenient"

Overjoyed when informed of your service and had quickly registered at your site and headed to the nearest PostCo branches. I believe this PostCo service will be very convenient and easy for online consumer like me.

Joyce T.

"Very Pleasant Experience"

Greetings from Klang. A very pleasant experience. And due to yr efficient service, my refund was very fast. Thank you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parcel Return?

PostCo partners with local stores to form PostCo partner locations so that you can drop your returned parcels, and we will have them sent back to the online retailer.

Can I return any of my online purchases?

The return service is limited to our partner online stores. Check out our partner store list for more details.

How much does this service cost?

Unless specified by certain retailers, most of our parcel returns are FREE! Feel free to drop off your Lazada, ZALORA, FasionValet, Whimsigirl etc parcels at our locations.

How can I track my parcels?

Upon confirming your parcel return, you will receive email notifications once there is an update on the status of your parcel. Alternatively, you can head to our web tracker to determine the latest status of your parcel.

Do I need to login or sign up to book a Parcel Return?

For parcel returns, no signing in is required! However, don't forget that if you're registering as a new user, you get one FREE collection credit with us!

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